The history of Faine Misto festival begins in 2013. The first festival was held in Ternopil city center (July, 20-21) in Taras Shevchenko park on the Chaika island. Festival participants in 2013: Motor’rolla, O.Torvald, Flit, Meri, RockK-H (Rokash), Kholodne Sontse, Los Colorados, Medovyy Polyn, Orataniya, Hutsul Kalipso, Fiolet, Brem Stoker, Mekhanichnyy Apelʹsyn, Sertsevyy Napad, Trysta8isim, Epolets, Bezodnya, We Are ta inshi.


Second Faine Misto festival was held in 2014 during two days (July, 12-13) at the Ternopil international airport. More than 40 famous artists from Ukraine and guests from Italy and Sweden presented their show on three music stages (Main Stage, Rock Stage and Rave Box Stage). Broadcasting of the final game of FIFA World Cup on the big screen took place within the festival. Festival participants in 2014: Skryabin, TNMK, O.Torvald, Rollik’s, Irena Karpa & Qarpa, Tinʹ Sontsya, Karna, Ot Vinta, Flit, Perkalaba, Los Colorados, Epolets, Bezodnya, The Last Fight (Italiya), Rideau (Shvetsiya), Sertsevyy Napad, Trysta8isim, Skinhate, Jinjer, Medovyy Polyn, Cherry-merry, Fontaliza, Vorst and many others…


In 2015 Faine Misto Festival was held during 3 days (July, 3-5) at the Ternopil international airport under the slogan “Faine Misto – territory of free people”. The festival featured more than 70 artists on 5 festival stages, a sport area, beauty salon, bike rental and a lot of other entertainments. The most famous national artists, bands from Sweden, Georgia, Belarus, Poland, Australia, Russia and Austria performed at the festival. Festival participants in 2015: Scriabin and friends, Boombox, AC/DC 1st vocalist – Dave Evans (Australia), Brutto (Belarus-Ukraine), Elysium (Russia), The Hardkiss, O.Torvald, Karna, Tabula Rosa, Fiolet, Tinʹ Sontsya, Epolets, Flit, Los Colorados, Anna, Toster, Rollikʺs, SkinHate, Jinjer, Rideau (Sweden), Morphine Suffering, Odyn v kanoe, Brunettes Shoot Blondes, Vivienne Mort, daKooka, Zapaska, Lika Bugaeva, PND, Panivalkova and others.


In 2016 the festival added a full day and for the first time was held over 4 days (July 7-10), and was held at the Ternopil airport. More than 100 artists from all over the world (famous foreign and best Ukrainian bands) performed on 6 stages. Besides the music program, the festival had different entertainment locations: sports area, beauty salon, bicycle rental, movie screenings, literary scene, lectures, street theater, children’s area, playing area, amusement rides, karaoke, handmade fair and workshops. Festival participants in 2016: : Lordi (Finland), Pain (Sweden), Eskimo Callboy (Germany), Dead by April (Sweden), Adept (Sweden), Zdob si Zdub (Moldova), Boombox, The Hardkiss, Brutto & Lyapis (Belarus-Ukraine), TNMK, O.Torvald, Onuka, Antytila, Elisium (Russia), Mad Heads, Pianoboy, Irena Karpa & Qarpa, Rideau (Sweden), Epolets, Karna, The Vyo, Dai Dorogu! (Belarus), Rock-H, Rolliks, Trystavisim, Veremiy, Pornofilmy (Russia), Jinjer, Anna, Morphine Suffering, Life In Vacuum (Canada), The New Division (USA), Rocky Leon (Austria), Odyn v kanoe, Flёur, Vivienne Mort, and many others.


In 2017 Faine Misto festival changed the location and moved to the Ternopil Hippodrome. The brightest festival adventure of the summer took place on July 20-23, for the second time in a four-day format. Last year’s entertainment locations expanded and were complemented with an amusement rides park and trolley. Festival participants in 2017: Guano Apes(Germany), Poets Of The Fall (Finland), Skindred (United Kingdom), Zardonic (Venezuela), Eskimo Callboy (Germany), Korpiklaani (Finland), Rage (Germany), Braty Hadiukiny, Lyapis 98, Druha Rika, TNMK, O.Torvald, Antytila, Caliban (Germany), Annisokay (Germany), Brutto with exclusive acoustic performance (Belarus-Ukraine), Dymna Sumish, Elisium (Russia), Tarakany! (Russia), Khrystyna Soloviy, Tabula Rasa, Odyn v kanoe, Without Limits, Addis Abeba (Belarus), The Hypnotunes, Space Of Variations, Dakooka and others.


Faine Misto`` in 2018 - it is not only a music festival, but it is also literally the City of Free People, with its own architecture, citizens, laws, and local governments. At the Festival entrance, every resident of the city received a passport of the Fainyi Man (Nice Man), which he was able to register by contacting the local registry office at the festival. It was also possible to legalize one's marital status regardless of race, religion, gender, education, and hair color. The only law that remained, which is unchanged in the Free People's Territory, was the Constitution of the Fine City (rules of the festival), which was observed by the Fine Mood Patrol. Participants of the festival ``Faine Misto`` 2018: The Rasmus (Finland), Oomph! (Germany), Tarja (Finland), Amaranthe (Sweden-Denmark), Dope (USA), BB, Betraying The Martyrs (France), Adept (Sweden), Pornofilms (Russia), Onuka, Pianoboy, Tartak, Vader (Poland), Beissoul & Einius (Lithuania), Bloom Twins (Britain), To the Rats and Wolves (Germany), Kozak System, Infected Rain (Moldova), Anna, Odyn v Canoe, Karna, Vivienne Mort, Morphine Suffering, Kurgan & Aggregate, 1914, Kadnay, Hammerman Znyshchuye Virusy, MegamasS, Rollix, Naviband (Belarus), Papyllon (Slovakia), Leo Mantis, Fontaliza, Sasha Boole, Nights Out (Germany), Tik Tu, Pyriatyn and etc.


In 2019, Faine Misto met its residents, Fine`s People, for the 7th time. In 2018, the festival turned into a real city, a city of free people, which was divided into separate districts, each of which had its own, unique look and attractions. But the most important thing at the Faine Misto is the atmosphere of the festival - everyone who enters the territory, even for a few days, but forgets about any everyday problems and worries. Whi;e all the days of the festival, only love, joy, and a full feeling of freedom reign here. Participants of the festival ``Faine Misto`` 2018: Powerwolf (Germany), Arch Enemy (Sweden), Eluveitie (Switzerland), Kadebostany (Switzerland), Eskimo Callboy (Germany), The HARDKISS, Rage accompanied by a symphony orchestra (Germany), Emil Bulls ( Germany), Boombox, Nervy, O.Torvald, Heart Of A Coward (Britain), Elysium (Russia), Wildways (Russia), Imminence (Sweden), Ic3peak (Russia), Latexfauna, Karna, Epolets, Rideau (Sweden), FliT, Violet, Space Of Variations, Detach, 1914, Qarpa, Yuko, Serhii Zhadan and the Linia Manerheim, Kurgan & Agregat, Hammerman Znyshchuye Virusy, Sasha Boole, Pulatova (ex Flëur), Motanka, Velikhan, MegamasS, etc.