Перейти на українську

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We ask everyone to take this request as seriously as possible. What is happening in Mariupol is a complete horror. Now the command is doing their bests to hold an emergency meeting of the UN General Assembly and create the necessary conditions to evacuate from Mariupol EVERYONE.


Our task is:
To create posts and videos with main theses and sign the petition. Do what it takes, but we must gather at least 1,000,000 signatures. Ask your friends, bloggers, acquaintances – everyone you can.
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Everything happening in our country is a genocide of Ukrainian People, that has already been recognized by a number of world leaders. There is no doubt that the whole civilized world will eventually recognize it.


The situation in Mariupol is especially terrible. Civilians and the military defending the city are experiencing horrific, completely inhumane conditions. There are no food, medicine, hygiene or personal protective equipment. The injured die in agony without painkillers, with gangrene and festering wounds.


Despite everything, the Ukrainian military continues to defend the last outpost – the Azovstal plant. They could easily become the heroes of any fantastic movie. But they are the heroes of reality – our Ukrainian reality.


We don’t know how long days or hours they have left. The occupiers partially broke into the plant, do not stop firing on shelters and storming the positions of Ukrainian soldiers. Every minute of procrastination can cost huge losses.


We call on the United Nations, the UN Secretary-General and regional leaders around the world to launch an immediate “withdrawal” procedure. It means the evacuation of all civilians, injured, killed and all military of Ukraine from the blocked Mariupol.